NEW PRINTS / throw pillows

personal design project / 2014
More designs are now available in my Society6 online store. All patterns on my site are available for licensing or purchase. I am also available for custom pattern commissions and collaborations with home-wares producers and fashion designers.

from left:  1. pattern no.2/ romantic  | 2. BLACK + neon pixels/ minimal  | 3. black & white/ modern repeat
| 4. pattern no.4/ beans, beans!  | 5. Black & white/ minimalist


from left:  1. vintage triangle/ black  | 2. tringle mix/ bright  | 3. lime strips no.3
| 4. pattern no. 3/ missing summer  | 5. geometric mix/ bright


from left:  1. flora pattern no.1/ bright | 2. minimal black and white / line art | 3. vintage newspapper/ black & white
| 4. more stripes/ black | 5. geometric mix/ grey



fish and chips




true fox

personal design


graphic design for

After summer birds

personal design

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